Most Security Council members reject Trump’s proclamation on occupied Syrian Golan   

New York, SANA- Most of the Security Council members on Wednesday announced rejection of US President Donald Trump’s proclamation on the occupied Syrian Golan, asserting that the Golan is a Syrian land occupied by “Israel” and this is what the UN resolutions affirmed.

During a session on the situation in the Middle East, members of the Security Council affirmed that any unilateral declaration contradicts with the international order and the UN Charter and that the international law bans annexing lands by force.

Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative Vladimir Safronkov reiterated his country’s rejection of Trump’s declaration on the occupied Syrian Golan, indicating that Russia’s firm stance is in line with the international law.

“The US unilateral steps towards the occupied Syrian Golan represent a violation of the international law,” Safronkov said, warning against the danger of those steps on the stability of the region.

The Russian diplomat called upon the US to give up its approach which aims at reconsidering the international law, affirming that this approach is doomed to failure and that the US declaration on the occupied Syrian Golan doesn’t change its legal status.

For his part, China’s Permanent Representative to the UN indicated that the international organization asserted in its resolutions that the Golan is an occupied Syrian land, reiterating China’s rejection to alter that status.

Meanwhile, the deputy of the Dominican Republic said that the Golan is an occupied Syrian land according to the UN resolutions.

He indicated that violating these resolutions is not in line with the international law and it hinders realizing stability in the region.

He reaffirmed his country’s stance which calls for respecting Syria’s sovereignty and preserving its territorial integrity and independence and the noninterference in its internal affairs.

In a relevant context, deputies of Belgium and South Africa indicated that the unilateral US proclamation on the Golan isn’t legal and it constitutes a blatant violation of the international law.

Peru’s Deputy to the UN asserted his country’s stance in rejection of annexing lands by force, calling for adhering to the Security Council’s resolutions in that regard.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s Deputy said that the US proclamation represents a very dangerous violation of the international law and it is totally unacceptable and it undermines the credibility of the Security Council.

Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to the UN Mansour al-Otaibi affirmed that the Golan is a Syrian Arab land occupied by “Israel” and that the Israeli occupation of the Arab lands including the Golan from more than 50 years poses a threat to the security and safety in the region and the world and that the solution that would lead to the stability of the region will not be through embodying occupation.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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