Breaking News SANA reporter: Authorities find amounts of weapons, ammo and telecommunication devices left by terrorists in Damascus southwestern countryside, Quneitra

Syria participates in the Conference of Arab Lawyers’ Union in Tunisia

Tunis, SANA_ Syria participated in the 24th conference of the Arab Lawyers’ Union (ALU) which kicked off in Tunis on Friday under the motto of “The protection of the Nation’s issues and the realization of justice”.

The 3-day conference discusses the most important current issues in the different Arab countries.

In his speech at the opening, Secretary General of the ALU Nasser al-Kreween said that the Union is still working to defend Arab issues.

For his part, Chief of Syria’s Bar Association, Nizar Skeif, stressed, in a statement, the importance of adherence to Arabism.

About 1500 lawyers from different Arab countries participate in the conference.


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