Syria categorically rejects conclusions of OPCW fact-finding mission about using chemical substances in Douma

Damascus, SANA-Syria has categorically rejected the conclusions reached by  the fact-finding mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) about an alleged incident of using toxic chemical substances in Douma on April 7th, 2018, saying that the report was not different from previous reports that were full of flagrant distortion of facts.

“The fact-finding mission of the OPCW issued its report about an alleged incident of using toxic chemical substances in Douma on April 7th, 2018… in fact, what attracts attention now is that the authors of the report ignored the statements of witnesses who lived with that incident and described the allegations of using chemical weapons  in Douma as a play performed by armed terrorist organizations,” An official spokesman at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Thursday.

He added that the US, France and Britain, due to the failure of their policies in Syria that aimed to undermine its security, stability and territorial integrity, have worked to move their terrorist tools in Syria, mainly, the so-called “the white Helmets” to fabricate allegations of using chemical weapons in Syria.

“Later, they obstructed efforts to conduct investigations by the mission in Douma through launching a direct military aggression on Syria on April 14th, 2018 that destroyed scientific centers which include laboratories for peaceful purposes,” the official spokesman stressed.

He went on to say that the Syrian Arab Republic, which offered all facilities to the mission team, hoped the mission would reach logic and professional conclusions away from any pressures or politicization, but  it is regrettable the report was full of distortion of facts, particularly in regards to the statements of witnesses where the mission has depended on statements of other fake witnesses outside Syria.

“Syria calls on the member countries at the OPCW to uncover such fake reports which don’t enjoy any credibility, and calls upon the technical secretariat of the OPCW to appoint fact-finding mission members who are professional, fair and neutral,” the spokesman said.

The Foreign Ministry concluded by saying that Syria, while reaffirms its firm stance against using any chemical toxic materials in any place and at any time, categorically rejects the conclusions reached by the mission team.

Mazen Eyon

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