20 Arab and foreign doctors participate in a conference for aesthetic dentistry facial surgeries

Damascus, SANA- 20 Arab and foreign doctors have joined Syrian doctors in a conference held in Damascus on Saturday to discuss the latest scientific and technology in facial and oral aesthetic surgeries.

The two-day- conference is organized by Syrian Private University and Syrian Dental Association, in which 36 lectures are being discussed on the latest scientific developments in dentistry and cosmetic facial medicine by doctors and experts of various specialties from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, South Korea, Iraq, Italy, France, Tunisia and Switzerland.

Speaking to SANA, Head of the scientific committee in the conference, Dr. Talal al-Nahlawi said that the conference will be followed by training courses for those interested in comprehensive facial rejuvenation , modern aesthetic dental techniques with composite, aesthetic considerations of dental implant treatment and the modern concepts in aesthetic dentistry.

For his part, Specialist of Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS ), Dr. Islam Qasem from Egypt revealed that cases will be presented for the first time by him regarding the theme of the digital beauty as it is a new technology implemented on the computer to study the dimensions of the face accurately, and then being applied to the patient.

In turn, Dr. Majed Abu Arqoub from Jordan indicated that he presented two topics in the conference, the first topic was the dental implants and the second one was a sinus lift procedure with microscope.

Cosmetic medicine is developing in the world in parallel with the increase in demand, said Arqoub , affirming the need to exchange expertise among the doctors to upgrade it constantly.

Head of the conference, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Syrian Private University , DR.Mazen Zeinati said that the conference is a new attempt to break the scientific siege on Syria and put our abilities in the service of society, in addition to presenting all the up-to-date developments at the local and international level in the field of mouth and face cosmetics.

Shaza/Rasha Milhem

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