Archeological town of Kherbet Ghazale home for ancient civilizations since Roman era

Daraa , SANA- The old town of Kherbet Ghazale is rich in many ancient antiques being a witness to the important heritage of Horan area in the southern region.

Head of the archeology excavation Wael Kiwan told SANA that different civilizations succeeded on the town since the Roman civilization , whose relics are still present until now. Ancient houses made of black basalt stones can be a standing example of the Roman Era besides the Roman arches and domes.

Other antiquities are found in the town such as the Byzantine Castle, the al-Bdeiwis House as well as the ancient al-Omor House, according to Kiwan.

Kiwan indicated that town was thriving in the Islamic era and a good example for antiquities dating back from that time is the minaret of the al-Omari Mosque, adding that the ancient city gained great importance due to its location on al-Hijaz railway.

He pointed out that Pharaoh channel passes from the west of the old town and it was meant to drag water from Jabal al –Arab, which indicates the flourish of civil design back then.

Kherbet Ghazale is located in the northeastern part of Daraa province in the southern region, 20 km of the province alongside the international highway.

Shaza/Rasha Milhem

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