Coffee beans art

Sweida, SANA – Inspired by his fondness of coffee and its special aroma, artist Ra’ed Zein Eddin creates original pieces of art using coffee beans as his main material, along with sackcloth threads.

The 30 year old artist has launched “Lovers of Coffee” project  as a new and innovative way of practicing handicraft art, through which he gives outlet to his creative ideas designing pieces that hold a unique artistic and aesthetic imprint.

Zein Ezzin is a graduate of Faculty of Education, and has always been fond of drawing and art since he was a kid. He was especially inspired by the harmony of nature and the environment and has created pieces of artwork and  designs made of wood and tree branches that gained popularity among his clients.

However, the idea of designing artistic works made of coffee beans started only two months ago, the young artist told SANA reporter, adding that after continuous search for innovative ideas to enrich and further upgrade his work, he came up with this idea of coffee beans out of his great fondness of coffee.

“I wanted it to be my special project that can leave a unique imprint amid the vast diversity of art and handicraft works,” Zein Ezzin said.

His special talent has enabled him to create many beautifully made designs in a short period of time using simple materials.

Each piece requires great efforts, high precision, a period of time as long as two days and 1000-1500 coffee beans.

Due to its originality, the idea of making art pieces with coffee beans has gained significant popularity, especially with the help of social media, which has earned Zein Ezzin an additional income.

H. Said

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