Syria participates in Cairo Intel Book Fair

Cairo, SANA- A number of Syrians participating in Cairo International Book Fair affirmed that Syrian publishing houses are continuing to participate in all the Arab and international activities in order to convey the voice of Syria to the world despite the war and conspiracy the country has been facing over the past years.

Speaking to SANA reporter ,Ghassan Rabea from Rabea Publishing House said that the war, which Syria has been facing, harmed the distribution of the publishing houses; Nevertheless, they resisted difficult conditions and continued working.

For his part, Haitham Ghazali from Ninawa Publishing House said that the Cairo Book Fair is a culture platform, in which the Syrian publishing houses insist on participating to raise awareness and knowledge through the Syrian books.

The 49th Cairo International Book Fair kicked off on January 27 and will last to February 10, with the participation of 35 countries and 950 publishing houses.

Shaza/ R. Milhem

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