Updated-More displaced Syrians head back to Syria coming from Lebanon

Provinces, SANA_ New batches of displaced Syrians returned Thursday morning from the Lebanese territories via al-Dabbousyia, and Jdeidet Yabous border crossings.

The return of the displaced came due to the joint efforts exerted by the Syrian Government in cooperation with the Lebanese side for the return of all the displaced to the homeland.

SANA reporters said that Syrian buses and freight cars entered the border crossings with hundreds of displaced Syrians onboard .

Those displaced persons, earlier, were forced to leave their homes in the countryside of Homs, Damascus and Hama due to the terrorist organizations’ inhuman perpetrations.

The reporters added that medical cadres and teams affiliated to the Ministry of Health and its directorates in the provinces provided the returnees with necessary health services and vaccines, especially anti-polio vaccines.

Earlier, all required measures have been taken at the border crossings to receive new batches of displaced Syrians.

The returnees expressed happiness for returning to the homeland, thanking the bodies concerned in Lebanon and Syria which have worked on providing all the required facilitations to them.

SANA reporters quoted a  number of youths who are at the age of the military service as saying that they returned to the homeland at an age that qualifies them to join the Syrian Arab Army who eliminated terrorism from most of the Syrian territories.

Over the past few months, many batches of displaced Syrians have returned from Lebanon to their villages and towns to which the Syrian Arab Army restored security and stability after eliminating terrorism from them.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/Gh.A.Hassoun


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