Clans of Deir Ezzor call on government to rebuild bridges destroyed by US-led coalition

Deir Ezzor, SANA- Dignitaries, families and sheikhs in Deir Ezzor on Thursday called for reconstructing the sabotaged bridges that link between the two banks of the Euphrates.

Clans of Deir Ezzor held an assembly which brought together a big number of families which live along the two banks of the Euphrates, affirming the importance of speeding up efforts to rebuild the bridges as they from the artery of life between the two regions of al-Jazeera and Shamyiah.

Warplanes of the international coalition, led by Washington, have destroyed the majority of bridges on the Euphrates under the pretext of combating Daesh terrorists.

Sheikh Fawaz al-Bashir of al-Bakarah clan told SANA that the Assembly came to express the unity of the Syrian soil and the unity of belonging among Syrian citizens.

He added the assembly called for the government to rebuild the bridges which pave the way for all families to transport their goods, crops and facilitate the crossing of employees and students between the two banks of the river.

Mazen Eyon


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