Afqa historical spring in Palmyra starts to flow again after 25 years of dryness

Palmyra, SANA- The historical spring of Afqa in Palmyra archeological city returned to life and started to flow again after its dryness, which lasted about 25 years.

Archaeologist Mohamed Khaled Asaad said in a statement to SANA correspondent on Saturday that the spring was historically the cause of prosperity and the continuity of life in Palmyra City more than 6,000 years ago.

Asaad noted that the water of Afqa spring today flows naturally between the rocks of a 400-meter long cave inside  al-Mintar Mountain to irrigate the palm oasis and the olive trees.

He added that the spring created an old green oasis which became a place to rest between Iraq and Syria and a station for convoys.

Asaad said that the presence of spring water inside the historic cave has preserved this archeological monument throughout this long period and its water maintained a  temperature of 33 degrees Celsius.

Mineral water is a means for healing, especially of dermatological, intestinal and articular diseases.

Asaad confirmed that the flow of the spring water is the return of lifeline to the oasis of Palmyra orchards which originated on this water, also helps preserve the archeological cave.

He explained that the spring water was sacred to the inhabitants of Palmyra who used to offer vows and offerings to the Sun God “Yarhaboul” who grants permanent blessing to this water, and they prayed for the sustainability of the spring’s water in a desert area which cannot continue life without it.

Asaad explained that the remains of the stairs, the niche, the altar and the table, which comprise the holy temple of the god of the spring / Afqa /, which means in the language of Palmyra the sunrise or the start, still exist at the outlet of the cave.

Asaad called for improving the spring and removing the remains of dust and stones inside the cave and conducting technical studies to seal the outlets of water leaks within the walls in order to preserve the flow.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri




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