People of Ayn al-Arab regain control of cultural center and 48th Street

Aleppo, SANA – The people of Ayn al-Arab city northeast of Aleppo on Friday repelled attacks by ISIS terrorists on a number of areas which the locals had recaptured during the past few days, while media outlets reported that the locals regained control of the cultural center the 48th Street.

Local sources from the city said that ISIS terrorist attacked areas controlled by the townspeople after midnight, and clashes continued until the early hours of dawn, with the locals managing to repel the attack and inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists, in addition to attacking an area where ISIS was gathering southwest of the city.

The sources said that locals also eliminated ISIS concentrations in the village of Minazi southwest of the city and assumed control of the area around the radio tower in the city’s western countryside.

Media sources reported that the city is almost clear of all ISIS terrorists except for a small number, and that the terrorists positioned themselves behind Ayn Arab hill and Mashta al-Nour Mountain following fierce battles on Thursday night which forced the terrorists to retreat from the cultural center the 48th Street and retreat 7 kilometers away from the radio building controlled by locals.

Hazem Sabbagh

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