Foreign Ministry: Continued US-led Coalition’ s crimes against Syrian civilians show disregard for international legitimacy

Damascus, SANA-Syria affirmed that the continuation of massacres against the Syrian civilians by the illegitimate US-led coalition shows its disgraceful conduct and disregard for international legitimacy and the provisions of international law.

In two letters sent by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry to the UN Secretary General and President of Security Council, the Ministry said that the illegal US-led Coalition is continuing its operations, launching attacks on the Syrian territory and committing crimes against the Syrian civilians, the last of which was on December 16th, 2018, when the warplanes of the international alliance shelled the citizens’ houses in al-Boukhatir village in Deir Ezzor southeastern countryside, claiming the lives of 17 civilians and causing material damage to houses and properties.

Over the past weeks, tens of the civilians were martyred , others were injured, mostly children and women, and massive material damage was caused to the houses of the locals due to massacres committed by the international coalition’s aircrafts in Hajin city and the surrounding villages in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, the Ministry said.

The International Coalition’s operations do not target Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organizations in Deir Ezzor. Rather, these attacks create the appropriate necessary conditions for a continuation of criminal attacks by Daesh which is allied with the Coalition, the Ministry added.

The Ministry demanded again that the Security Council shoulder its responsibilities through an immediate and serious action to halt these crimes, attacks and the systematic destruction of infrastructure in Syria and to do what is necessary to establish an independent and impartial international mechanism to investigate into these crimes and punish its perpetrators.


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