Zakharova: Washington’s suspicious behavior in Syria worries Moscow

Moscow, SANA – The suspicious behaviors of the US-led international coalition in Syria is becoming increasingly worrying to Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday.

Zakharova clarified in her weekly press conference that the presence of the US forces in Syria is illegitimate as they occupy an area of 55 km in al-Tanf.

She noted that Washington attempts through its illegitimate presence in Syria to “play the Kurdish card” regardless of the official statements through which it claims adherence to Syria’s territorial integrity.

Regarding the US statements on the necessity of forming a committee for discussing the Constitution within the current month, Zakharova said that these statements do not serve the interest of the political process in Syria, adding that the US tries to derail all the political initiatives, thus, Moscow considers such statements as non-constructive.

R. Milhem/ H. Sabbagh

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