For 2nd time, Syrian Olympic football team faces Bahraini counterpart

Al-Manama, SANA_ The Syrian Olympic team will face Bahraini counterpart for the second time on Monday in the Bahraini capital of al-Manama in preparation for the Asian qualifiers to the final cup.

The team finished preparations for the match, which will be held at al-Muharraq Club Stadium at 6 o’clock in the evening.

Last Thursday, our team drew 2-2 with Bahraini counterpart as  Players Hamza Mhanaya and Abdul Rahman Barakat scored for Syria at the 56 and 60 minute.

The Syrian team plays in the qualifications in  the fifth group which includes teams of Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kuwait.The matches of the group will be held in Kuwait between 22nd and 26th  of next March.


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