Robots competition at Tishreen University organized

Lattakia, SANA- Robot club volunteers at Tishreen University organized a competition of wheeled robot.

Dean of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering faculty , Dr. Rami Mansour said that this competition is the first of its kind at the university level and forms a real start for the Robot Club, which was founded in 2016, in order to give a chance for the largest number of the students to participate in the competitions and enable them to invent the projects and apply them on the ground.

The participating students in the competitions , Omar Mkiyes , Salman Daryous, Omar al-Raiyes ,and Ahmad Bazki , who are studying Computer Engineering clarified that their participation in the competition through an invention of a wheeled robot that acts as a port carrier carries the goods by specific routes to other places according instructions provided by them.

They hope to develop their invention for use on ground because it is capable to accomplish the tasks assigned to it and save a lot of efforts.

Robot club is a volunteer club for students. It seeks to spread the robot culture in the university and promote the culture of scientific research in the field of robotics in Syria.

Shaza/Rasha Milhem

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