Weapons and ammunition left behind by terrorists found in Damascus Countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Competent authorities on Saturday found weapons and ammunition, including US-made missiles, left behind by terrorists in Babila Farms in Damascus Countryside.

A field commander said that the competent authorities, during combing the liberated towns south of Damascus in cooperation with the people, found a large quantity of ammunition, weapons and missiles, some of which US-made, in a farm between the towns of Babila and Beit Sahm.

The field commander pointed out that the seized weapons included missiles, including US-made TAW, launchers, RPGs with their charges, 29 N launchers with tandem charges, various ammunition stored in wooden and metal boxes, machineguns, homemade hand grenades and an ICG grenade launcher in addition to military uniforms.

R. Jazaeri/Ghossoun


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