Large amounts of weapons uncovered by authorities in Quneitra

Quneitra, SANA – Large amounts of weapons and medicine left behind by terrorists were discovered by the authorities in the villages of Quneitra which were liberated from terrorism.

SANA’s reporter in Quneitra said that authorities, in cooperation with reconciliation committees and locals, uncovered large amounts of weapons, including Israeli and US ones, medicine, trucks, and Western-made ambulances in the villages of Briqa, Beir Ajam and Rasm al-Sanad in Quneitra province.

Communication devices, a reconnaissance drone, US-made TOW missiles, and various weapons and ammunition, including missiles, tank shells, mortar rounds, anti-tank shells, explosives detectors, jamming devices, and night vision binoculars were also among the seized items.

Manar al-Freih/ Hazem Sabbagh

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