Russian academy of arts awards Syria a souvenir of friendship between the Syrian and Russian children

Moscow, SANA- the Russian Academy of arts in Moscow hosted on Monday party of honor for members of the Syrian delegation who visit Russia to participate in the Fourth Forum for religions and the world under the title “the Religion and the Digital Society.”

President of the Academy, Zurab Tsereteli , handed Syrian Ambassador in Moscow Riad Haddad  a bronze  souvenir for the artist with special needs Adeeb Aliyev.

The souvenir is a symbol for the friendship between the Syrian and Russian children. It also reminds the world of the sufferings that Syrian Children had endured because of the terrorist war.

Syria’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Badreddin Hassoun, told SANA that Syria today is giving the world lessons in Preserving childhood, culture and values to inform the world that those who have national morals are always victorious.

He added that more than 100 countries have sought to destroy the Syrian culture, kill children and desecrate the Syrian territories, but they failed.

Hassoun affirmed that Russia has offered Syrian a souvenir for childhood to say that Syrian childhood became an example for the childhoods in the world.

Meanwhile, President of the Russian arts Academy, Zurab Tsereteli , said in a similar statement to SANA that ” that work of art has a great significance since I ,myself, worked in Syria, and the Syrian people are great and the country has an ancient culture.”

Rana Youssef/Mazen



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