Syrians in occupied Golan burn Israeli election cards in defiance of Judaization practices

Quneitra, SANA- Syrians in occupied Syrian Golan on Friday evening held a sit-in at Majdal Shams Square during which they burned the “election cards” distributed among them by the occupation authorities with regard to the so-called “local councils” elections.

Participants in the sit-in raised the Syrian flag and banners in rejection of the policies of Judaization adopted by the occupation, reiterating their rejection of participating in these elections.

They also reiterated their belonging to their homeland Syria and their belief that the occupation will end.

Syrians in the occupied Golan also announced their popular movement in rejection of these elections which will last till the end of the current month.

Liberated prisoner Bishr al-Maqt affirmed in a speech delivered during the sit-in that all measures taken by the Israeli occupation authorities are null and void and they don’t have a legal value.

Al-Maqt indicated that the popular movement which started on Saturday will continue in all the villages of (Majdal Shams, Mas’ada, Baq’atha and Ain Qunya) over the coming days.

He called upon the international organizations to put an end to the racist practices of Judaization adopted by the occupation authorities.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/

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