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Cuban Movement for Peace affirms support to Syria in its war against terrorism

Havana, SANA- President of the Cuban Movement for Peace Silvio Platero affirmed the movement’s full solidarity and support to Syria in its war against terrorism.

Meeting Syria’s Ambassador in Cuba Dr. Idris Maia at the Syrian Embassy in Havana, Platero expressed aspiration to visit Syria to participate in the meeting of the Executive Committee of World Peace Council and in an activity of solidarity with Syria.

For his part, Ambassador Maia stressed that choosing Damascus by the World Peace Council to hold the meeting of its Executive Committee affirms that Syria has started to restore its position and pioneer role in the region.

Maia indicated that this activity is organized by the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) in cooperation with the World Peace Council and the International Young Democrat Union (IYDU), and that it will have a positive effect with regard to the call for realizing security and stability across Syria and the whole world.

In an interview with SANA reporter in Cuba Platero expressed appreciation and admiration of the Syrian people’s steadfastness and their standing by their army and leadership.

Platero indicated that the meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Peace Council in Damascus constitutes and opportunity for conveying a true image about the events in Syria away from any misleading adopted by many media outlets which serve the interests of certain states.

He hailed the solid relations binding Syria and Cuba.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/ Ghossoun

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