Foreign Ministry: The use of int’l banned weapons by US-led coalition against Syrians become systematic and deliberate

Damascus, SANA- Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent two letters to the UN Secretary-General and head of the UNSC on a new massacre committed by the illegal international collation against the inhabitants of Hajin city in Deir Ezzor after dropping internationally banned white phosphorus bombs, causing civilian causalities.

In the letters, the Ministry said that Washington-led illegal international coalition has committed a new crime against innocent Syrian civilians after its warplanes on October 13 and 14 targeted residential houses in the city of Hajin in Deir Ezzor province with internationally banned white phosphorus bombs, which caused the martyrdom and injuring a number of civilians, mostly women and children.

“The use of internationally prohibited weapons against the Syrian people has become a systematic and intentional behavior of this coalition in a blatant violation of the rules of international law, international humanitarian law and human rights.

This crime is one in a series of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the Syrian people, including the Coalition’s continued support for terrorism and its use of terrorists and separatist militias to achieve its objectives and aggressive plans aimed at undermining the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the Ministry added.

“The Syrian Arab Republic again calls upon the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace and security, to conduct an international investigation into these crimes and to condemn them immediately, to stop their recurrence, to end the aggressive presence of US and other foreign forces illegally present on the Syrian territory and prevent them from carrying out their plans to undermine the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic,” said the Ministry.

The Ministry noted that the Syrian Arab Republic, in its previous letters including its letters dated 6 and 17 August 2017, referred to the international coalition’s systematic use of internationally banned white phosphorus bombs and called on the UNSC to act immediately to stop these crimes and prevent their recurrence.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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