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Al-Maqet renews commitment to confront Israeli occupation and expose its oppressive practices

Quneitra, SANA – Sedqi al-Maqet, “the dean of Syrian and Arab captives in the Israeli occupation prisons,” renewed his commitment to confront the Israeli occupation and expose its oppressive practices against the Syrian people in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The occupation authorities arrested al-Maqet on 25 Feb 2015 because he had exposed the involvement of the Israeli occupation in supporting the terrorist organizations in Syria.

Last week, occupation authorities passed an arbitrary 11-year prison sentence against al-Maqet.

In a letter from inside al-Naqab Prison, al-Maqet said that the so-called Israeli military courts are shams that are dominated by the Israeli intelligence.

Rana Youssef / Hazem Sabbagh

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