OSPAAAL: Syria’s victory over terrorism is a victory of justice and for world nationalistic liberation issues

Havana, SANA – The secretary-general of the Organization of Solidarity of the People of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL), Lourdes Cervantes stressed that Syria has become just around the corner of its historic victory against terrorism, which is a victory of justice and for the issues of nationalistic liberation around the world, on top of which the Palestinian Cause.
In a meeting for OSPAAAL with a delegation from Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Cervantes said that all free nations and the progressive forces in the world feel comfortable about Syria’s resilience and its imminent approach from victory.
For her part, Laila Khaled, Head of the Palestinian delegation said that Syria’s victory is a victory for Palestine too, expressing appreciation for Syria’s stances in support for the Palestinian cause in spite of the aggressive war it is facing.
Syria’s Ambassador in Cuba, Idris Maya said that Palestine has always been the central cause for Syria, pointing that one of the main reasons behind the war waged against the country is due to its supportive stances to Palestine.
Rasha Milhem

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