10 Iranian forces killed in terrorist attack on military parade in Iran

Tehran, SANA- Ten personnel of the Iranian armed forces were killed and many others were injured in a terrorist attack which targeted a military parade held Saturday in the city of Ahvaz to the southwest of Iran.

Iranian media outlets said that four Takfiri terrorists opened fire on the audience platform from a park in the vicinity of the area where the parade was held as a number of the participating officers were killed and others were injured.

Assistant of Khuzestan Governor for Security Affairs  Ali Hussain Zada told Tasnim Agency that “the attack resulted in the death of ten of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the injury of 21 others.”

Zada added “The number of martyrs is increasing and some of the injured are in a critical condition.”

For his part, IRGC Spokesman Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif said that terrorists who launched the attack belong to the “Ahvazi” organization which is backed by the Saudi regime.

Sharif added that no civilians were injured in the attack and that two of the terrorists were killed and one was injured while the fourth was arrested.

He indicated that the parade didn’t stop due to the terrorist attack.

The Iranian state T.V said that the attackers were wearing the military uniform and that shooting was heard in the place where the parade was held shortly after the terrorist attack.

Ruaa Jazaeri/Mazen Eyon

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