Arab and Expatriate Businessmen Forum affirms importance of expat investment in Syria’s reconstruction phase

Damascus, SANA – The participants at Arab and Expatriate Businessmen Forum affirmed the need to develop a new investment law and relevant laws aiming at creating an investment map covering the needs of sustainable development sectorally and regionally to meet the requirements of the reconstruction phase.

The Forum was held on Tuesday in parallel with the 60th edition of Damascus International Fair at Sheraton Hotel in Damascus under the title “Partners in the Reconstruction of Syria.”

The participants called for the development of plans and programs to stimulate the return and employment of expat capital funds and direct them towards reconstruction projects, and to develop and expand of cities and industrial zones and encourage environmentally-friendly industries.

Head of the Women for Business and Development Council in Lebanon Iman Ghossein pointed out to the importance of promoting rural development projects and support for Syrian women, who faced huge difficulties due to the terrorist war.

In turn, Member of the Iraqi Investment Commission Sardad Sinjari stressed the need for cooperation between Iraqi and Syrian businessmen in all economic fields for the reconstruction of Syria, pointing to the diversity of promising investment opportunities presented in the entire Syrian territory.

For his part, Yemen’s ambassador to Syria Nayef al-Qanis said that the Forum will contribute to the promotion of foreign investment and participation in reconstruction and construction plans in Syria.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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