China’s Special Envoy for Syria: China talks with all countries including Syria about counterterrorism

Beijing, SANA – China’s Special Envoy for Syria Xie Xiaoyan said that China talks with all countries including Syria about the fight against terrorism.
Reuters quoted Xie as saying in a statement Monday that the Chinese side strongly opposes all forms of terrorism and supports boosting international cooperation for fighting it, as well as maintaining the regional and international security.
He said that the number of the Chinese citizens who went to fight by the side of the terrorist organizations in Syria cannot be verified, expressing hope of coming back to Syria to have a clearer vision over the situation.
The Chinese Envoy expressed hope that the international community would pay special attention to the reconstruction of Syria after the war.

Xie clarified that the main task for the time being is restoring peace and stability to Syria, as all sides should exert efforts for achieving that.
R. Milhem

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