The oldest cafe in Prague founded by a Syrian citizen enters city’s golden record

Prague, SANA- A cafe established by a Syrian citizen in the Czech capital of Prague entered the city’s golden record as the first and oldest coffee shop in the city.

The Syrians in Prague and the coffee lovers are proud of this cafe, which is located in the middle of Karlovy Street, which connects the old city square with the Charles Bridge, making this street a tourist attraction.

A plaque located above the main entrance of the cafe’s door indicates that it dates back to 1714, and therefore its employees present with the menu an explanation written in several international languages.

The cafe which is called “By the Golden Snake” was established by the Syrian citizen Georges al-Dimashqi who used to wear traditional Arabian clothes while serving coffee to his costumers.

The Czech historical sources say that Georges al-Dimashqi was settled in Prague in 1703 coming from Vienna and began his life in the city by selling coffee in the streets. After he obtained citizenship in the city, he opened the first cafe and he called it “Tower Bridge Cafe”.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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