Army restores control over al-Shajara town in Daraa, cuts off Daesh supply routes in al-Yarmouk basin

Daraa, SANA- Units of Syrian Arab Army liberated on Monday the town of al-Shajara in al-Yarmouk basin after eliminating the last Daesh (ISIS) gatherings in it.

SANA’s reporter in Daraa said that army units entered al-Shajara town in the northwestern countryside of Daraa from the direction of Abdin village in the southwest side of the town and Tal Ghitar and Ayn Ghazala to the east and northeast and engaged in fierce clashes with terrorists which ended by liberating the town.

Terrorists suffered heavy losses in the clashes.

While combing al-Shajara town, army units found positions of Daesh terrorist organization, field hospitals, ammunition caches and prisons of the terrorist organization and others underground, in addition to finding factories for manufacturing explosive devices and US currency and the loads of varied shells, telecommunication devices and Jordanian telecommunication lines.

The reporter indicated that Daesh terrorists had changed the sport club in al-Shajara town into factories for manufacturing the explosive devices and varied shells.

She indicated that the discovered field hospitals reflect the support provided to Daesh terrorist organization from abroad, in addition to finding an amount of the Saudi, Jordanian and Kuwaiti medicines.

The reporter said that after liberating al-Shajara town, army unit continued operations on the axis of the villages of Beit Ara, Ma’aryia and al-Qasir, the last bastion of the terrorist organization in al-Yarmouk basin.

She indicated to the state of accelerated collapse among Daesh terrorists while the army units are encircling their bastions and carrying out concentrated strikes against the remnants of terrorists who flee away towards Hait valley.

Meanwhile, army units achieved a great advance in the village of Abdin to the west of al-Shajara town, the main bastion of the Takfiri organization in the area of al-Yarmouk basin.

The reporter said that the break through groups are engaged in violent clashes with terrorists at the streets and entrances of Abdin village in parallel with continued clashes with terrorists in the surrounding and outskirts of al-Shajara town, in addition to bombardments on positions and fortified positions of the terrorists in the surrounding area to cut their supply routes from the villages of Kouya, Ma’aryia and Beit Arah, their last bastions in Daraa.

The reporter said that a state of collapse prevailed among terrorists after encircling them from three directions leading to the rest of villages and after inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and equipment.

The reporter noted that the army engineering units continue to comb the villages and towns which have been liberated from terrorism over the past two days to remove the car bombs and the remnants of terrorists in order to preserve the lives of civilians who are returning to their farms and houses to start a new secure life.

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