Al-Shmmat tours a number of villages in Hama countryside

Hama, SANA- Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat stressed that the Ministry is seeking to launch development projects and initiatives to secure job opportunities for citizens, particularly the martyrs’ families and the citizens affected by the current conditions.

During a tour in Heilfaya, Tal Malah, al-Jamleh, Khatab, Arzeh, Tal Hadeid, Karnaz, Mhardeh, Nobel al-Khateb, Shatha, Ouj and Masyaf areas in Hama province, the Minister said that relief process will be revised in the towns and villages of Hama to ensure that aid is delivered to the people who need it, asserting the Ministry’s readiness to increase aid offered to the areas affected by the terrorists’ acts.

For his part, Hama Governor Ghassan Khalaf Ali affirmed readiness to cooperate with civil, governmental, and international organizations to provide assistance to people in need.

Bashar Mousa/ Ghossoun Abo Hassoun / Hazem Sabbagh

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