Evacuation of second batch of terrorists from Quneitra countryside to the north of Syria continues

Quneitra, SANA – The process of evacuating the second batch of terrorists who refused to be part of the reconciliation process from Um Batina village in Quneitra countryside began on Saturday evening, as stipulated by an agreement reached to eliminate terrorist presence in the area.

SANA’s war correspondent, reporting from Juba village crossing point, said that 33 buses have been prepared to transport hundreds of terrorists and their families from Um Batina, and that the buses are searched carefully to ensure that terrorists don’t take anyone against their will with them, adding that the process will continue until the second batch is evacuated.

Earlier, the correspondent, reporting from the outskirts of Um Batina, said that buses have started to leave the village, carrying the second batch of terrorists who will be transported to the north of Syria, indicating that the terrorists from all over Quneitra countryside have been assembled inside the village ahead of evacuating them to the north.

55 buses left on Friday to the north of Syria carrying hundreds of terrorists and their families in implementation of the aforementioned agreement.

Manal / Hazem Sabbagh

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