Army advances in al-Lajat in Daraa countryside, hunts down Daesh remnants in al-Badyia

Daraa, Sweida SANA- Army units on Saturday continued to target hotbeds and dens of the terrorist organizations in the area of al-Lajat in Daraa eastern countryside in the framework of the war against terrorism.

SANA reporter said that over the last few hours, army units engaged in violent clashes with terrorists in the direction of the villages of al-Shoumra, al-Moudawara and al-Alali in the area of al-Lajat in Daraa eastern countryside.

The reporter added that army units achieved an advance after killing many terrorists and destroying their equipment with a state of collapse among their ranks due to the concentrated strikes against their fortifications and positions.


Army Units continued military operations through hunting down the remnants of the terrorist groups which are affiliated to Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organizations in the depth of the Syrian al-Badiya (desert).

SANA reporter in Sweida said that army units, backed by the air force and the artillery, on Saturday inflicted heavy losses on Daesh-affiliated terrorist groups in the areas where they spread on the outskirts of Damascus Countryside in the direction of al-Badiya.

The source added that army units foiled an infiltration attempt by some of the terrorist groups from Ard al-Kira’a towards Khirbet al-Ambashi–Qaber al-Sheikh Hussein to the northeast of Sweida province and to the southeast of Damascus countryside towards al-Badiya, eliminating all of their members.

The source indicated that army units, earlier, enhanced their positions in the area to become a basis for continuing their advancement and for foiling any infiltration attempt by the terrorist groups from the depth of al-Badiya.


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