Damascus is entirely safe; the army writes the last line in the battles of South Damascus

Damascus, SANA – It is the end of the line for terrorism after fierce battles between heroes of the Syrian army and takfiri terrorists in South Damascus. It is a powerful moment for all Syrians to celebrate this glorious victory.

On Tuesday, the Syrian people and Damascus locals in particular lived the delightful joy of cleansing the capital’s surroundings of terrorism and dispelling the illusions of those who support it and their masters in Washington, the Israeli entity and some western states, as well as removing the threat to the safety of Damascus and its inhabitants.

The unity of the Syrian people and their rallying around their brave army reversed the equation, returned fire on those who inflamed it and defeated their tools in the country.

The Syrian army was stepping into victory with every village and town it had liberated in the eastern and western Ghouta and the intense military operations it carried out against terrorists’ positions which forced them to succumb and hand over their weapons and ammunition.

Terrorists’ last strongholds in al-Hajar al-Aswad area and al-Yarmouk Camp crumbled under the painful blows directed by the Syrian army. Once these areas announced clear of terrorism, units of Internal Security forces entered and hoisted the national flag.

Meanwhile, the army’s engineering units continued to comb the area and dismantle explosive devices and landmines planted by terrorists in preparation for the entry of maintenance workshops and service institutions to repair what has been destroyed, restore normal life and enable families come back to their houses.



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