Kurdish National Movement: Any coalition to fight terrorism without coordination with Syrian government will support terrorism

Damascus, SANA – The Kurdish National Movement for Peaceful Change said that any coalition to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) inside Syria without the approval of the Syrian government constitutes a violation of the Syrian sovereignty and would bring further support to terrorism.

In a statement on Sunday, the Movement said such a coalition would also encourage other terrorist organizations to carry out more bloodshed.

It said that terrorism was created by countries which will be part of this coalition, the same way things were in Afghanistan, adding that ISIS would never have had such grown strong without the support of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey who have funded and created safe havens for terrorist organizations.

The movement stressed that as long as the coalition is employing double standards, it will never succeed.

“If the international community, represented by the UN and the Security Council, is really keen on stopping the bloodshed in Syria, it would cooperate with the Syrian state to do so,” the statement said, stressing that it is the moral, international, and legal responsibility of the UN is to help all Syrian sides reach a political solution that would end the suffering of the Syrians and put an end to the bloodshed in the country.

Mohammad Nassr/ Hazem Sabbagh

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