Prime Minister delivers the new government’s ministerial statement at the People’s Assembly

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi on Sunday delivered the new government’s ministerial statement during a session at the People’s Assembly, asserting that national interests require that everyone work as a team, bolster social justice, and respect human rights and the rule of law.

He said that the government’s approach in the next stage will be to shift from crisis management to crisis adaption and resume development in preparation for the reconstruction stage.

The Premier said that the government’s directives will be based on the concept of the citizens being the compass that corrects the course of officials as President Bashar al-Assad put forth, in addition to being based on the constitution and the President’s instructions.

He said that the current situation requires linking the security, social, and economic goals together, asserting that the government will continue to combat terrorism across the country and to provide citizens’ needs.

Al-Halaqi asserted the government’s commitment to bolstering national reconciliation, relief work, caring for the families of martyrs and injured people, combating corruption, and legislative reform, in addition to bolstering the role of the civil society and NGOs and improving cooperation with friendly countries and emerging markets.

He asserted that the crisis in Syria targets the people, not only the leadership, with the war being waged on Syria causing severe damage to material and human resources, asserting that the Armed Forces are working alongside the diplomatic corps to confront the war against Syria and combat terrorism.

The Premier asserted commitment to cooperation with friendly countries like Iran, Russia, China, and the rest of the BIRCS countries.

He said that the government will tackle human development by improving the social status of citizens and providing their needs, with the government working to continue providing health end education services and improve them, as well as establishing an effective social affairs system to protect women and children.

Al-Halaqi said that the government will support cultural creativity to confront obscurantist mentalities and promote the culture of dialogue, with focus on protecting Syria’s heritage and values and developing a religious discourse based on the true and correct religious values to confront extremism and intolerance.

Regarding infrastructure, the Premier underlined the severe damage caused to this sector, saying that this issue will be addressed on short-term levels to provide citizens with services and long-term levels to prepare for the reconstruction stage, which requires developing legislations for various sectors such as urban development, petroleum, and mineral resources.

He said that the government will also take all possible steps to provide new sources of electric power, as well as working to provide drinking water and waste disposal services, in addition to developing transport legislations and expanding related projects and facilities.

In the field of communications and technology, al-Halaqi said the government will work to ensure that this sector will flourish and to integrate IT in various aspects of life in the country.

Regarding reconstruction, the Premier said that the government will base this process on proper regional planning that focuses on damaged areas and unregulated urban zones, with emphasis on new real-estate development areas.

He affirmed that all available resources must be utilized in an optimal manner to boost the economic and production system, with the government prioritizing agriculture and livestock production which will ensure food security as well as revitalize food industries and exports.

Al-Halaqi said the government will protect small and medium industries and that it will work to rehabilitate the public industrial sector, particularly for textiles, clothing, food, pharmaceutical, engineering, and construction industries.

The Premier went on to say that the government will keep working to stabilize market prices and ensure that food and goods are available to citizens, in addition to supporting the financial and banking sectors and encouraging citizens to invest their savings in social development, noting that the government will continue working according to the strategy of balanced, sustainable, and radial development to achieve social justice among all provinces and areas.

He also said that the government will exert efforts to ensure the recovery of natural and environmental resources that were affected by the crisis.

In terms of politics, al-Halaqi said that the government will focus of foreign policy to defend national sovereignty, increasing diplomatic activities to relay the truth about what is happening in Syria and uncover the reality of the war targeting it.

He pledged that the government will continue working with UN organizations to deliver humanitarian aid to those who need them within the framework of Syrian sovereignty, and that it will continue to work with the UN Special Envoy on Syria, in addition to pursuing making the Middle East free of WMDs, including the Israeli nuclear arsenal.

Al-Halaqi said that Syria will continue to champion the Palestinian cause and defend Arab causes, despite the flagging and conspiratorial positions of the Arab League, asserting that Syria will stand up to the unilateral sanctions imposed on it, because these sanctions affect the Syrian civilians.

He also noted that Syria will restore relations with countries that revise their policies towards Syria.

The Premier said the government will continue to develop national mass media to confront the projects targeting the country and the takfiri mentality.

He also said that the government will work to reduce inflation and budget deficits, stabilize the Syrian Pound exchange rate, optimize and control governmental spending, develop the tax system, and rationalize subsidies to achieve optimal benefits from them, in addition to issuing a new investment law, bolstering the concept of partnership in economic work, and employing decentralization in administration and development.

Al-Halaqi concluded by calling for this ministerial statement to become the cornerstone of the government’s work and for combining efforts to reach a better future where citizens enjoy security and stability.

Hazem Sabbagh

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