3rd batch of terrorists exit Hama and Homs countryside to northern Syria

Hama, SANA – 71 buses carrying the third batch of terrorists who are unwilling to settle their status along with their families on Friday left the countryside of Homs and Hama to northern Syria in preparation for declaring this area clear from terrorism.

SANA’s correspondent in al-Rastan area said that after the 71 buses were prepared and gathered at a point near al-Rastan Bridge 20 km north of Homs city, the buses left for the north of Syria.


The buses are being inspected thoroughly to prevent terrorists from forcing citizens to leave the area under pressure or threat, said the correspondent.

He added that terrorist groups destroyed their sites inside al-Rastan city to hide their connections with external parties.

The exit of the third batch came after terrorists handed over medium and heavy weapons as per the agreement for their evacuation which was reached on May 1st.


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