12 buses carrying terrorists prepared to leave al-Rahiba in Eastern Qalamoun to northern Syria

Damascus Countryside, SANA-The evacuation process of the third batch of terrorists along with their families from Eastern Qalamoun in Damascus countryside to be bused later to north Syria ended on Monday afternoon, in preparation for declaring the area free of terrorism.

SANA reporter said that twelve buses were prepared to carry scores of the remaining terrorists rejecting the settlement agreement with their families from al-Rheibeh town in Eastern Qalamoun.

Hundreds of residents of al-Rheibeh gathered at the entrance to their town, refusing to leave with the terrorists and stressing insistence to stay inside their town.

They emphasized full support to the Syrian Arab army in its war on terrorism and for the settlements for restoring security and stability to all Syrian regions.

On Tuesday a new batch of terrorists and their families is scheduled to be taken out of Jairoud town after handing over their heavy and medium weapons and ammo cashes.

Over the past two days, two batches of terrorists and their families have been driven out of eastern Qalamoun onboard of 65 buses.

In parallel with implementing the agreement in Eastern Qalamoun region, units of the Syrian Arab Army are carrying out a concentrated military operation against the terrorist organizations’ hotbeds positioned south of Damascus to uproot the terrorism completely from Damascus and its Countryside.


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