Successful small town business for Aleppo’s family in Lattakia

Lattakia, SANA – Ena’am Shaheen did not know that she will use her Grandmother’s Herb Secrets to change her life positively later.

Shaheen has turned that knowledge into a small business benefited herself and her family, who were forced to leave their home in Aleppo six years ago to settle at Ayn al-Bayda village in Lattakia countryside.

It was home based business in cooperation with her husband and her children. She was able to sell quantities of her products, which enabled her to open a workshop and a small shop in Ayn al-Bayda.

Later on, she managed to expand her small business to manufacture natural cosmetic products.

SANA visited Shaheen in her workshop where she talked proudly about her small project, pointing out that the Directorate of Rural Women Development has contributed to developing and empowering her business.

She said that her small town business started to make profit from day one, and her goal now is to move forward and expand her product lines to reach more customers and her business becomes more spreadable.

Her family was the biggest supporter of her, especially her son Ahmad, who is specialized in chemistry, noting that her main products are soap, shampoos and cosmetic made from natural and aromatic plants in the coastal environment.

She also stressed that all her products are subject to the supervision of the engineers of the Directorate of Rural Women Development, who are conducting constant monitoring tours for her workshop.

Head of the Directorate of Rural Women Development Rabab Wardeh said that they trained Shaheen, honed her skills to manufacture the aromatic herbs and helped her establish her workshop and marketing her product.

Emma /Mazen

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