Breaking News SANA reporter: A girl martyred in a rocket attack launched by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists on Karnaz town in Hama northern countryside.

OPCW experts enter Douma city

Damascus, SANA – The fact-finding team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) entered Douma city in Eastern Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside on Tuesday.

SANA’s correspondent said the team’s experts entered Douma city to investigate the claims about the alleged chemical attack which had been promoted by terrorist organizations and its sponsors, particularly the United States, Britain, and France.

The team arrived in Damascus earlier upon a request from the Syrian Arab Republic to visit the site of the alleged incident in Douma and investigate the allegations.

The United States, Britain, and France had preempted the work of the team and carried out on Saturday a tripartite missile aggression on areas in Damascus and Homs countryside under the pretext of using chemical weapons, an aggression that was repelled by the Syrian Arab Army air defenses which had destroyed most missiles or drove them off-course.

Hazem Sabbagh

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