Moscow: The threat of using force against Syria treads UN Charter

Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova affirmed that threating Syria with the use of force blatantly violates the United Nations Charter, calling on the international community to consider the consequences of accusations and threats directed by Western countries to Syria and “the consequences of any possible military action.”

During a press conference in Moscow on Thursday, Zakharova said that the presidents of the US and France are threatening to use force against Syria, but the use of force against a UN member state is a clear violation of the UN charter.

Zakharova said that the scenes taken about the alleged use of chemicals in the Eastern Ghouta are all clearly fabricated and mostly written by the so-called White Helmets, describing those allegations as fake news reports, saying that Russian military and doctors visited Douma but did not find any traces of chemical weapons.

She pointed out that the Russian military are, in cooperation with Syrian government, ready to ensure the security of the work of experts at the place of the alleged incident.

Zakharova pointed out that Washington continues to make statements in the form of war, which threatens a very dangerous escalation and not only charges Damascus, but also Russia, wondering about how to make very responsible decisions on the use of force against a sovereign state and the threat of using force on the international scene based on false information and in the absence of a true picture of what happened.

Russia regards the World Health Organization’s statement on the alleged chemical attack in Syria’s Douma as misinformation and irresponsible work, Zakharova said, adding that the WHO did not reach the place directly, but was based on allegations made by the so-called “White Helmets” and an American society.

Zakharova said that Russia’s position in this regard is clear that there is no seek for escalation and that Moscow believes that its partners are reasonable to the point of returning to the law and to the legitimate steps, but at the same time Russia will not support false accusations.


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