Tehran: Allegation of using chemical weapons in Douma contradict realities

Teharan, SANA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Bahram Qassemi, said that the allegations of using chemical weapons in Douma of Damascus countryside and the accusations against the Syrian Arab Army are inconsistent with the facts on the ground, adding that all those fabrications are a conspiracy against Syria and its people.
Qassemi said in a statement on Sunday that such claims by the US and some Western countries is an indication of a new plot against the Syrian government and people, and an excuse for military action against them.
“It will definitely increase the complexity of the situation in this country and region,” he added.
Qassemi pointed out that the Syrian Arab Army has the upper-hand in battle field against the terrorists, using chemical weapons seems illogical.
 “The Syrian government has had a good cooperation with the United Nations on chemical issues, and the international community, after joining the chemical weapons convention, destroyed all its chemical weapons and its manufacturing facilities, “he noted.
He also affirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns the use of such weapons by any party and anywhere in the world based on its principled policies and religious and moral teachings.
Emma /Mazen

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