1198 terrorists from “Jaish al-Islam” and their families evacuated from Douma city to Jarablos

Damascus, SANA – A second batch of Jaish al-Islam terrorists and their families left Douma city in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside by buses to Jarablos area in a step to announce the city free from terrorism.

SANA’s correspondent in al-Wafideen Camp corridor said on Tuesday that 24 buses carrying 1198 terrorists affiliated to Jaish al-Islam and their families left Douma to Jarablos under the supervision of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).



The correspondent said that the evacuation process of the terrorists from Jaish al-Islam is conducted carefully as the buses, portable luggage, and the names of those who left are inspected to guarantee that none of the military and civilian captives held by terrorists are smuggled and to prevent violating the agreement in regards with the light weapons the terrorists are allowed to leave with.

The correspondent added that evacuation of Jaish al-Islam terrorists and their families from Douma will be continued on Wednesday, in implementation of the agreement reached on the evacuation of the terrorists to Jarablos, settling the status of the rest of them, and the return of the state’s institutions to the city of Douma, in addition to releasing all the abductees, including the civilians and military personnel, turning over the bodies of martyrs, and handing over their heavy and medium arms to the state.

H. Zain / Hazem Sabbagh

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