Vaccines and medical services provided for Zamalka town after cleansing it from terrorism

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Vaccinations and medical services are being provided to Zamalka town since cleansing it from terrorism as part of the government’s efforts to restore normal life to towns and villages of Eastern Ghouta.

Locals of the town told SANA’s correspondent that terrorists deprived the children in Eastern Ghouta from vaccines and medicine, which they hoarded in their dens, adding that they had never trusted the vaccines that the medical members of the terrorist organizations gave to children under pressure, as many children suffered from painful complications for a long time after those vaccines.

Hisham Amin, a member at the vaccination team at the Damascus Countryside Health Directorate, said that the teams are providing vaccines for children under 12, calling on families to head to the medical teams in order to vaccinate their children and immunize them against diseases.

In turn, vaccination team member Dima Niama said that the team also provides vaccines against tetanus for pregnant women and mothers, medicine for the treatment of anemia, and dietary supplements to compensate for malnutrition, as well as providing medical advice and information for reproductive health.

Since the announcement of liberating of the towns of al-Ghouta and the elimination of terrorism, the Ministry of Health has sent specialized staff and mobile clinics to provide health services to the locals.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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