UNIDO launches the second stage of ‘Training for Everybody’ project

Vienna, SANA-  The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) inaugurated on Thursday  the second stage of ‘Training for Everybody’ project in coordination with Syrian Ministry of Industry to develop Syrian  experts’ skills in many domains, especially in rehabilitating industrial infrastructure.

The event was held during a special ceremony organized at the organization’s HQ in Vienna.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to UN in Vienna, Bassam Sabbagh, stressed the importance of boosting cooperation with the organization to include rehabilitating and reconstructing Syrian industrial sectors that have been affected by terrorism, adding that the Syrian government is looking forward to facilitate the process of implementing this initiative.

The festivity also included the inauguration of other projects in a number of regional countries funded by the Japanese government. Concerning Syria, the UNIDO will launch an evaluation of the needs in order to start quick rehabilitation for the industrial, productive, and vital infrastructure through developing skills related to how to use equipment to remove debris and rubbish.

Maya Dayoub/Mazen

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