Clothing manufacturer from Harasta refuses to despair and starts from scratch

Damascus, SANA – Although his own clothing factory was destroyed by the the terrorist groups in Harasta area in Damascus Countryside, Manufacturer Mohammed al-Hamwi has not succumbed to despair and regret rather he became more determined to restart again and develop his business.

A small workshop for making children’s clothes put him on the right track towards success and achieving his goal. The lack of material resources was not an obstacle, it motivated him to further intensfy his efforts in order to regain what he has lost.

He opened his new workshop in Jaramana city starting with the help of other workshops to sew. The workplace included two seaming machines and several fabric cutting tables.

Al-Hamwi said that he succeeded in getting his products to the local markets of Damascus and expanded his work and started distribution to some provinces such as Tartous, Homs and Hama.

He felt a glow of pride as his project has gradually grown and begun to yield. Al-Hamwi added that production has increased as the demand goes higher.

Al-Hamwi participated in the 59th edition of Damascus International Fair and was chosen by the Small and Medium Projects Development Agency to take part in “Made in Syria” Expo organized by the Syrian Exporters’ Union in Baghdad.

He hailed the Agency’s efforts to spread the culture of entrepreneurship and provide young entrepreneurs with necessary consultation, advice and training to be creative.

Al-Hamwi indicated to the key role of small enterprises in developing economy and enabling the youth to achieve their ambitions and confront the difficult economic circumstances since they are mainly based on workforce rather than big capitals.

R. Raslan/Ghossoun

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