President al-Assad issues two decrees defining tasks of Administrative Development Ministry and cooperative farmers associations

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad issued Decree no. 281 for 2014 defining the goals, tasks and units of the Ministry of Administrative Development.

Based on the decree, the Ministry’s major aims are organizing and developing the performance of public administration and employment, improving services provided to citizens, combating administrative corruption and qualifying human resources.

The Ministry is to carry out these tasks through drawing up an integrated strategy for administrative development, redistributing responsibilities properly, setting up human resources development programs, suggesting legislative and procedural amendments for development and supervising projects of services development.

The President also issued Legislative Decree no. 41 that stipulates for amending two articles of Law no. 21 dated 20/04/1974 which regulates work and tasks of cooperative farmers associations.

The associations, according to the decree, are to contribute to spreading awareness among farmers, organizing their work and improving their economic, political, social, cultural and health conditions.

They also must work on employing advanced scientific and technical means to improve agricultural production, organizing the granting of loans according to needs and providing modern machinery and maintenance of equipment for members of the association, as well as contributing to supporting rural industries, promoting products and setting up irrigation and land reclamation projects.

Haifa Said

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