Authorities settle legal status of 229 wanted persons in Aleppo and Homs

Aleppo/Homs, SANA –  120 wanted persons of those who got involved in the recent events in the country had their legal status settled, a source in the northern province of Aleppo told SANA reporter.

The source said the persons had turned themselves in, handed over their weapons and pledged not to get involved in any act that might harm the homeland’s security before they had their status settled by the authorities.

Meanwhile, the authorities settled the legal status of 109 more wanted persons from the areas of al-Qseir, Talbisa, Taldo, al-Hossn in the countryside of Homs and a number of neighborhoods in the city.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the central province as saying that the persons pledged not to commit any act that could affect the country’s security and stability after they had turned themselves in and handed over their weapons to the authorities.

Bashar Mousa/Haifa Said

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