Civilians evacuated from al-Ghouta enjoy newfound security at housing center, as more civilians escape the clutches of terrorists

Damascus, SANA – In the case of the civilians who managed to escape the clutches of the terrorists in Eastern Ghouta and were transported to the temporary housing center in al-Dweir, one night of experiencing safety and peace of mind was enough to make all the difference in the world.

Having suffered hunger, humiliation, and repression while besieged by terrorists in Eastern Ghouta, the civilians who were evacuated from Eastern Ghouta on Thursday under the protection of the Syrian Arab Army saw their children sleeping peacefully at al-Dweir center, with hope of their life returning to normal after their ordeal.

Abu Mohammad, a local of Douma, said that they had been living in peace when the criminals who use Islam as a mask to cover up their true nature came and wasted 40 years of hard work, forcing them to sell their lands and properties and eke out a living for their children.

One of the people staying at the center, suffering from a terminal disease, said that upon his arrival the medical staff examined him and gave him preliminary treatment until he can be transported to a hospital, beseeching the people of Ghouta to hurry up and leave so that they can escape the “bearded terrorists” as he put it.

“I want to go back to school, play, have friends, and play football. God damn them, they deprived me of everything I want,” was what child Yamen al-Sheikh Bakri said, with his mother patting his head.

Meanwhile, the people of Eastern Ghouta continue to exit the areas controlled by terrorist organizations via safe corridors secured by the Syrian Arab Army, leaving behind them long years spent under the yoke of terrorism which left physical and psychological scars on them.

At Hamoryia corridor, tens of civilians who escaped the clutches of terrorists race towards salvation as shrapnel and gunfire from terrorists tries to impede their eager march towards freedom, and son the tens become hundreds, with the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and police officers help them reach safety in Hosh Nasri area, from which they will be transported to temporary housing centers.

In Hosh Nasri, one scene stood out as a family that escaped the horrors of terrorism in Ghouta is reunited with their son who serves in the Syrian Arab Army after not seeing each other for over 7 years.

The survivors of the terrorism that had been running rampant in Ghouta have many stories to tell about how they lived in fear in the shadow of terrorists who had been using them as human shields, stealing from them, and taking over their lives, but now they can experience true freedom again and experience the safety they had missed for years.

Hazem Sabbagh

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