Frankfurt protests against Western intervention in Syria

Berlin, SANA – Solidarity with Syria Committee in Germany has organized a solidarity march under the title of “Three years of War against Syria…Stop Meddling”. The March set off from the Old Opera house and marched to Romer Square, where participants expressed support to Syria and its army in confronting terrorism.

The Syrian, Arab and German participants carried Syrian flags and banners expressing support to the Syrian people, army and leadership and chanting slogans that condemn foreign meddling.

The Committee spokesperson from the German side told SANA that the war on Syria, launched by some Arab and western powers and backed by the Israeli entity, aims at destabilizing the country and depleting its resources and economy.

She added that the Syrian community in Germany and the Committee are instantly seek to defend Syria and divulge the reality of what is actually taking place as some western and Arab media outlets intend to distort.
“Solidarity with Syria” is an international committee founded in 2012 to brief the public opinion on the reality of events taking place in Syria.

R. Milhem / Ghossoun





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