Rouhani: Evacuating terrorists from Ghouta is step toward security in region

Tehran, SANA- Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, asserted that preventing terrorists from continuing their daily aggression with mortars on Damascus city and cleansing Ghouta of terrorists constitute an important step toward enhancing security in the region.
In a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Rohani said that Iran and Turkey, as Syria’s neighbors, should shoulder responsibility of consolidating the cessation of combat activities.
He said that preventing the terrorist shell attacks on Damascus, guaranteeing security of the capital beside supplying safe corridor to help civilians leave Ghouta pose a step toward strengthening security in the area.
The Iranian President stressed the importance of cooperation between the guarantor states, calling the Turkish regime to work for ending the siege imposed on the women and children in al-Fuaah and Kefriya cities by terrorist organizations.

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