Raqqa city, a living testament to the crimes of the Washington-led Western alliance in Syria

Damascus, SANA – The massive destruction caused by the United States and its Western alliance to Raqqa city is a living testament to the false nature of Washington’s claims about fighting terrorism, claims that only serve to mislead the international community and public opinion.

The acts of the Washingtonj alliance and the militias collaborating with it, along with the massive destruction caused to Raqqa, displaced tens of thousands of the city’s locals who were forced to flee and live in other areas where they can barely eke out a living.

The Washington-led alliance’s crimes, which included indiscriminate use of weapons including phosphorus bombs, claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians, making the alliance’s actions no less heinous that the crimes of Daesh (ISIS), all while a total media blackout is enforced in the West to cover up these facts, and the UN and all its bodies including the Security Council remain silent.

Contrary to its claims of fighting Daesh, reports assert that Washington secured the evacuation of Daesh members from Raqqa along with their equipment, proving that the alliance and the terrorist organizations are involved in a deal labeled by the BBC as a “dirty secret” that involved evacuating thousands of terrorists and their families from Raqqa via buses and trucks under the supervision of the alliance and the SDF groups to Deir Ezzor and other areas.

Western media was an accomplice in the United States’ crimes in Raqqa; the sheer scale of destruction and devastation caused by the alliance’s indiscriminate airstrikes was never shown by Western TV channels and newspaper, which opted to manipulate facts, use double standards, and carry out a total blackout regarding this issue.

In a desperate bid to cover up its crimes in any way possible, the United States was quick to make appeals for “rebuilding Raqqa” which can only be described as an attempt to con and deceive the world public opinion.

On the other hand, Washington and its accomplices waged a vicious media misdirection campaign centered around humanitarian issues in an attempt to obstruct the advances made by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorists, which is what is happening now in Ghouta, as the West sheds crocodile tears for their pet terrorists positioned there who target Damascus city and its surroundings with dozens of shells each day, claiming the lives of scores of civilians.

Despite all attempts to cover up facts and justify the illegal presence of the alliance in Syria, the ruins of Raqqa remain a glaring example of Washington’s crimes, all while the UN and the Security Council remain silent and turn a blind eye to these disgraceful acts.

Hazem Sabbagh

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